Do you have to have your own transportation to participate in Spark!?

No.  When students submit their application, they indicate whether or not they are able to provide their own transportation.  For those students who are unable to drive to their Spark! meeting location, we will work to arrange carpooling with other peers.  In situations where carpooling is not feasible, we will identify an alternate form of transportation.  If you have specific questions about transportation, please contact Dr. Jennifer Stanfill at or.. Read More

What are the requirements to apply for Spark!?

Students interested in Spark! must: Be on track to graduate Have a desire to work in a project and problem-based real-world environment with other Parkway and Rockwood high school students Be willing to comply with business ethics, attendance, and dress codes as determined by the Spark! Program Director Be willing to spend 5-7 hours per week away from home high school Each strand has unique acceptance criteria based on feedback.. Read More

What type of credit do students earn for participating in Spark!?

Students earn high school elective credit for their participation in Spark!. In some cases, a CTE credit may be awarded based on student graduation needs.  In addition, each Spark! strand offers the opportunity to earn college credit through various colleges and universities. Spark! Engineering is the only Spark! strand that offers honors credit. If you have concerns regarding your credits for graduation, please contact your counselor.

How does Spark! fit into a student’s schedule?

Spark! strands meet in either the morning or the afternoon.  Morning strands meet from 7:30-10:00 a.m. and afternoon strands meet from 11:45-2:15 p.m. A Spark! seat is equal to one student present for two-four class periods (depending on the student’s home school schedule). Once students are selected for Spark!, counselors will work with them to adjust their schedule.  

How are Spark! strands determined?

We regularly assess the evolving needs of our global community in an effort to provide opportunities for students to experience high-demand, high-wage industry areas. All Parkway stakeholders are encouraged to bring attention to potential strands that would address the aforementioned needs.

What is a Spark! strand?

Spark! experiences are organized in strands based on the career or industry field they represent.  For the 2020-2021 school year, there will be seven Spark! strands: Bioscience, Engineering, Incubator, Pre-Professional Health Sciences Academy, Sports Medicine, Teaching & Learning, and Technology Solutions.